Z - Cold Soul

Brazil Cold Soul Microlot Illustration-01.png
Brazil Cold Soul Microlot Illustration-01.png

Z - Cold Soul


ORIGIN // Brazil Fazenda, California
VARIETAL // Obato                                                                               PRODUCER // Luiz Roberto Rodriguez
PROCESS // Natural
TASTING NOTES // Notes of nectarine, raisin, apricot, jam and baklava.

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About the farm

We met up with farmer Luiz Rodriguez this year at MICE, we were so impressed with his amazing coffees, and only to pleased to share them. This coffee is cherries soaked in cold water for 20hrs before sun drying on open patios for 20 days. Impressive ay!

This coffee was used by Tilly Sproule to compete in Barista Championships this year and Tilly cam 6th overall. Check out the video below from her presentation, where she talks about the coffee. Congratulations Tilly!