Z - Githongo


Z - Githongo


ORIGIN // Kenyan Kiambu
VARIETAL // SL 34 & SL28                                                                         PRODUCER // Smallholders
PROCESS // Washed
ALTITUDE // 1300 - 1400 MASL
TASTING NOTES // Notes of florals, marmalade and red currant.

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About the farm

The factory is located in Kiambu County in the former central province. It's situated about 54km North West Nairobi and is amoung one of the factories in the giant Komothai FCS. Coffee cultivation is the only cash crop in the area apart from subsistence and dairy farming and has therefore improved the livelihoods of the local people.

Regional soils are well nourished with fertile red volcanic rock sediment, black cotton and patches of loam. Annual precipitation of 900-1100mm per year ensures that the soil is well saturated. The total area under coffee cultivation is approx 190ha,  with a yield of approx. 65-70 metric tons of clean coffee.  There are currently 960 active members and coffee cultivation has provided much needed support for the development of infrastructure, educational institutions and access to fresh clean water.

Similarly to other factories and estates in the same area, there is a nice range of indigenous shade trees and the area hosts all sorts of wild animals such as Antelopes, Hyenas, Porcupines, Squirrels, Anteaters, Monkeys and many others.