Sebastian Diacono - Colombian Huila Coffee farmer

I am from the small town San Augustin, in the south of Huila, I come from a family of coffee produces and now I am experimenting with my cousin, the controlled fermentations. Watching your video in Papua New Guinea was exciting and helped us go deeper in these experiments. 

Thank you very much for your help and for spreading the work you are doing with the world! Saludos desde Colmbia amigos.

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Marcus Pelham - Food Services Manager Beaconhills College

I just wanted to let you know that we are very grateful and wanted to say thank you for your support yesterday. Even though there was an issue with the coffee cart and eventually not used (too late), Myles customer service was fantastic. He jumped in and pumped out the coffees with our exisisting staff. Also his manner of training was really well received by staff and everyone found it beneficial.

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@Brew_stories - Instagram account

This is a brew story. The brew depicted in this photo took place in Sydney in 2017. Like most manchildren I was thrilled to receive what I thought to be a treasure map from our friends at Zest Coffee. Naturally I studied the map carefully and set off. I trekked for days past ancient temples and roaring waterfalls with no luck. It was only on my return home that I realised someone had already done all the hard work and the bag was brimming with perfectly roasted Colombian Castillo. Truly.

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Mike - Coffee Enthusiast

Hi Dannielle, just wanted to let you know the coffee arrived a few days ago. Needless to say I was pleasantly shocked to discover the extra Hunkute included. What a treat! Especially since it was my birthday on the day I got the beans. The handwritten card (so rare these days) was beyond awesome.

Since then, me and the Zest beans have been making rounds to a few coffee shops with very positive feedback. We especially loved the Hunkute and also the Composition VII in espresso and milk. I have tried Hunkute from multiple roasters so it's always nice to be able to compare. The Suke Quto we are still working on to get the best extraction. I am very happy to able to introduce Zest to many coffee enthusiasts here who are more familiar with Aussie roasters such as Market Lane, Five Senses, Proud Mary etc. So far everyone has been impressed.

Many thanks again to you and the rest of the Zest team.

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The_Espresso_Broz - review on Instagram

The legends out at Zest Coffee have sent us more of their beans to put through it's paces, last time receiving some of the highest scores to date. This time we got a bag of Blackbird and Los Potrerillos, with massive standards to live up to. This is what the Broz thought:


With Jamie on ration duties, the maths was always gonna be suspect. The guy is a straight up dullard of the highest order. I commanded him to split the beans 33% each. The guy gives me 33 grams... If anyone was gonna get 33 grams of beans and asked to review them fairly it could only be Me. Jules calls me godshots, coz I can't make a bad one. I took my 66 grams of Blackbird and Los Potrerillos, and brought tears to Jamies eyes, as he watched it silkily slither into the cup. The Blackbird was smooth and solid but not 100% to my taste. The Los Potrerillos was far more suited to my delicate pallet. Little spicy fruit wonderland to feast on. Very enjoyable by the Zest legends. 7.9/10


Love the guys at Zest. Always supplying us with the goods! Two different beans to try today. Found them both worthy and enjoyed drinking multiple espressos from each. The stand out though, would have to be 'Blackbird'. My type of flavours! Fruity toffee, ending in a big caramel hit. I may have left out a few beans when dealing Jason's portion of these. 7.8/10


I still go to bed dreaming about their Composition VII, so these beans had the pressure put on them from the start. I tried them both as an Espresso, a Pour Over and with milk and on all three occasions the Los Potrerillos was more to my taste. A thick, dark, fruity flavour dominated the bean for me and was very enjoyable, these guys definitely know the game! 7/10

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