Steve Kelly - Passionate Home Barista + School Teacher

Hi Sally and Mandy (and the Zest crew),

This is just a quick email to thank-you for a year made better by Zest!

It all started with you guys awarding us tickets to MICE for our puns on your Insta page - this kickstarted so much of my love for the coffee industry (I'd had my Linea Mini for about a month or so at that point). I absolutely LOVED MICE and loved meeting some Zest crew. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

The customer service Zest offers is fantastic, with such quick responses to questions, incredible knowledge, amazing quality of product and a great range to suit all types of coffee drinkers.

Thank you for a fantastic year - you've helped spark and develop my love for coffee and the industry. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! And to use a poor pun but all I can come up with in holiday-mode... Merry Zestmas!

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Lamezleighs Cafe Owner

Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters  👐 😍 I haven't for a second doubted myself when choosing to go with Zest Specialty Coffee.

Why you ask? For starters there coffee is amazing! They're local & it's a FAMILY OWNED business, I have met, fathers, uncles, daughters, sons and brothers. They have been supportive since day one. always popping in on a odd occasion for a warm brew. It's a bit of a strange feeling serving coffee to the man that actually roasted it to begin with. But I can say it's a pretty good one! (nerve racking at times  😉)

But seriously guys thank you for being the wonderful company that you are!  👐

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Sienna's Pizzeria Bar & Restaurant


From the family of Sienna's Pizzeria Bar and Restaurant we would like to send our gratitude's for giving us the machinery and umbrellas to sell your product. We have been waiting for an opportunity like this for such a long time. And have been overwhelmed by Jerome Robert great effort to help us and our business. (He is amazing)! Since we have had the new coffee machine our sales of coffee have increased and we can't wait to see the potential sales in the summer period. It is truly an honour to work with a company that is willing to work with us.


Marcella Hill and Family

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