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West For Coffee!

On the back wall of the kitchen at @ekawholefoodscafe Seddon, is a small sign that reads, “We make food with love.”

It doesn’t need to be any bigger, because you can feel the love in the place no matter where you’re sitting. The considered, health conscious convenience of Eka Wholefoods.Cafe.Community is inspiring.

Head West, Melbournians, and pop in and say hi to the team, tell them Z sent you.

Currently in the hopper is Zest Blackbird Blend, plus an array of alternate milk and a well-appointed vegetarian menu, ‘made with love’.

Quite enough to warm the soul on these cold winters days! 


Corner Counter Cafe

Heading to the Mornington Peninsula this summer? There are a few promising-weather-days coming up, why not take a trip up the coast and stop into Corner Counter on your way to the beach.

The girls present a great range of healthy salads, panini and sweets, all made on the premises from the freshest ingredients. With drinks from @greenestreetjuice, @morkchocolate and our Zest Espressist Corcavado Blend in the hopper you might/will want to grab a couple of beverages for the road too.

But before you hit the surf, remember what mumma used to say, "You must wait half an hour between eating and swimming - because cramps..." (...or sharks, I can't remember)

BTW, was this an urban legend or is it true? Anyone?! Forget it, it's irrelevant, you just need to check out this sweet little corner cafe, with it's old school, corner-store-style service and healthy homemade fare you'll  notice the sun shining from the inside out! Tell 'em Z sent you!


Cafe Lugano

Found some sunshine down the coast,

Zest's Blackbird Espressist Blend is getting a serious grind at the unassuming island oasis. Check out the pictures to see what's up at Phillip Island's busiest cafe - or better still, if you have a day free this summer, jump on the road, head south and right into this summer's best brunch, alongside a few outstanding Zest brews at Cafe Lugano Phillip Island.


Velos Mazeh Musette

Velos Mazeh Musette

Velos Mazeh Musette has managed to capture that simplicity and then some. VMM does good coffee, plays great records and inspires great conversation – as simple as that.

On any given day in Velos Mazeh Musette you’ll find locals perched on stools lining the walls of the slender shop, exchanging jokes, talking art and drinking Sam’s specialty, the ‘café bombon’. 

Take a walk inside.

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