Operating out of a humble 9 square meters (literally) Brisbane's newest coffee joint run by bean enthusiasts, Stewart + Julie is out to impress. 

Situated at the front of the new Mollison Street Precinct, it serves as an efficient takeaway stop as well as a haven for the connoisseur on a less demanding schedule.

Kitted out with the top equipment to ensure quality + consistent coffee experiences in every cup. Also one of the first cafes in Australia to be proud owners of a La Marzocco Linea PB Brew Ratio Coffee Machine.

Just a quick little diversion, this is no ordinary espresso machine, this machine has scales built into the drip tray. Yes, you did hear me right, scales in the drip tray, (about time, I hear you all cry!) This is a brand new technology that's going to get coffee geeks jumping! La Marzocco calls Auto Brew Ratio, "a proprietary advancement in electronics," and claim that it, "will give baristas the scale integration that have asked for, removing steps in preparation and ensuring the best shot-to-shot consistency."  

Also serving Mork Chocolate, and specialty tea, this is where you need to find yourself if you are ever in need of lunch, coffee, snack, anything else. :)