Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously

Haven's Mission: We are a gang of coffee geeks, life adventurists, artists + professionals. Each of us has a very distinct preference to create our own beautiful haven. One thing in common is we all strive to provide a HIP (Happy, Innovative, Professional) experience to every customer to create their own Haven.

Coffee Tailoring is a brand new concept innovated by 2 of our owners, one is a former Sensory + Visual Judge of world coffee competitions, the other is an individualist who strongly believe the best coffee in the world is the coffee "I LOVE".

In Haven, our coffee is not just about taste, it's all about "LOVE YOURSELF + BE YOURSELF"

Through the tailoring of Aroma, Acidity, Sweetness, Body + Aftertaste, we create the best coffee for you ONLY. We achieve flavour tailoring in each brew by adjusting one or more of the following attributes: Coffee grind size, total brewing time, brewing temperature, coffee to water ratio + choice of coffee origins.