24/7 professional back-up and tech support

No coffee machine is infallible. This is why we offer you our 'Technician-On-Call" system of care that minimises the nasty experience of lost sales through downtime. Our expert technicians and reputable contractors know the machines like the back of their hands and will have you back up and running again with minimal disruption.

We ensure your cafe runs trouble-free through regular preventative maintenance and a speedy response to any operational issues. We understand coffee is the life-blood of your business and you can't afford downtime. We have high standards and high expectations of our service team and are proud of the way they deliver great value to our clients.

We've got your back.


Expert Training

Training to take you to the next level

Our training is responsive to the needs of our valued customers. Each barista is continually progressing in the development of coffee making skills. We aim to tailor our training to take you that little bit further in your quest for perfection. So you won't find our training dry and boring or repetitive. We seek to inspire you to excel in the art of espresso and to take up your responsibility as the final custodian of the bean!

What our customers say about our training

  • "Thank you Anton, it was an eye opening experience and started a passion!" Sam Shorten
  • "Thank you for sharing your knowledge of coffee making. Loved every moment and have learned so much." Gayle

Excellent Equipment

Great equipment for great coffee

It is so important the right equipment is selected to suit your requirements - meeting functionality, reliability and aesthetics. We offer a wide range of grinders and espresso machines and can customise them to our client’s needs.

Customised equipment and stand-out promotional

What do you need to make your cafe unique? A custom coloured machine? Something entirely different from the shop next door? We have a choice of equipment styles, brands and functionalities that will bring further character and efficiency to your cafe. Lively crockery colours and story board promotional merchandise completes the experience for your patrons.


Brand We Use and Sell

Find a wide range of equipment brands available from Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters including...

  • Slayer
  • La Marzocco
  • Synesso
  • Ruggero
  • Diamante
  • Mazzer
  • Expobar
  • Anfim
  • Black Eagle

Tools for the Hands on Barista

Your basic kit should include a tamper, a tamp mat, milk jugs and a thermometer , choc shaker, a knock-out tube to dispense spent grinds into, cleaning cloths and a measuring glass.

Nikka wooden handle tampers by Cafelat are the ideal tamper for the professional barista. The Nikka has an ergonomic handle which is comfortable to grip and a stainless base. Choose from Violet, Pallisander or Zebra wood and get tamping!