Linnie Lou

Thank you so much for arranging deliver of my chai. Brian and I returned from Melbourne last Monday, but...had reached Traralgon before we realised we had forgotten to call in and pick it up!! Oh dear...

Such a lovely surprise to see your delivery van and realised you had organised this for me.

Thank you again for such wonderful service.


Project Raggiana Video, is nothing short of perfection! Can I just hug you guys!! Beautiful and next level for coffee unlocked.

Marnie Mullan - Coffee Lover

Love, love, love the beans. And the box!! Awesome!! Thank you xx

Marnie Mullan Feeback.JPG

Michelle - Coffee Lover

Congratulations on a great article in The Age today - stumbled across your advertising feature as I was drinking my coffee!

@m4stanley - Instagram account

So many great coffees in this picture. Thanks to the@zest_coffee team for their outstanding effort in getting these beans to me in Indonesia. They went above and beyondr to make sure I got the beans in time. We really enjoyed them all.

Testimonial 1.PNG

Marcus Pelham - Food Services Manager Beaconhills College

I just wanted to let you know that we are very grateful and wanted to say thank you for your support yesterday. Even though there was an issue with the coffee cart and eventually not used (too late), Myles customer service was fantastic. He jumped in and pumped out the coffees with our exisisting staff. Also his manner of training was really well received by staff and everyone found it beneficial.

Mallory Stafford - Passionate Home Barista

Thanks guys for the coffee today. It was as delicious as I expected. Exactly what I was looking for in a bean :) I definately will be back!

Vonda - Cafe Owner at The Conservatory

"We take our coffee seriously, just as much as we do our food produce, and we're constantly amazed how much coffee people drink, they just love it."

Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory uses Espressist Corcavado Blend.

@Brew_stories - Instagram account

This is a brew story. The brew depicted in this photo took place in Sydney in 2017. Like most manchildren I was thrilled to receive what I thought to be a treasure map from our friends at Zest Coffee. Naturally I studied the map carefully and set off. I trekked for days past ancient temples and roaring waterfalls with no luck. It was only on my return home that I realised someone had already done all the hard work and the bag was brimming with perfectly roasted Colombian Castillo. Truly.

Gordon - Valued Supplier

I'd like to reiterate how much we valued your feedback during the development process. It appears your taste buds are aligned with the panel of judges at the Industry awards.

Suzy - Coffee Van Owner

We had a great weekend with Zest. We had terrific feedback from our customers. It is definately the coffee that we will be using at our markets and big events. There is nothing more that I could ask from you. Fantastic product and service.

Ben - Website Coffee Order

Hi - I just wanted to give some positive feedback about the amazing service I received from Abby Grace, she went way beyond expectations to help me out with my order. Well deserving of a pat on the back for being an incredible human being! Thank you, coffee is yum too.

Mike - Coffee Enthusiast

Hi Dannielle, just wanted to let you know the coffee arrived a few days ago. Needless to say I was pleasantly shocked to discover the extra Hunkute included. What a treat! Especially since it was my birthday on the day I got the beans. The handwritten card (so rare these days) was beyond awesome.

Since then, me and the Zest beans have been making rounds to a few coffee shops with very positive feedback. We especially loved the Hunkute and also the Composition VII in espresso and milk. I have tried Hunkute from multiple roasters so it's always nice to be able to compare. The Suke Quto we are still working on to get the best extraction. I am very happy to able to introduce Zest to many coffee enthusiasts here who are more familiar with Aussie roasters such as Market Lane, Five Senses, Proud Mary etc. So far everyone has been impressed.

Many thanks again to you and the rest of the Zest team.

Sarah, Website Order

Made my day, thank you for being so delicious.

The_Espresso_Broz - review on Instagram

The legends out at Zest Coffee have sent us more of their beans to put through it's paces, last time receiving some of the highest scores to date. This time we got a bag of Blackbird and Los Potrerillos, with massive standards to live up to. This is what the Broz thought:


With Jamie on ration duties, the maths was always gonna be suspect. The guy is a straight up dullard of the highest order. I commanded him to split the beans 33% each. The guy gives me 33 grams... If anyone was gonna get 33 grams of beans and asked to review them fairly it could only be Me. Jules calls me godshots, coz I can't make a bad one. I took my 66 grams of Blackbird and Los Potrerillos, and brought tears to Jamies eyes, as he watched it silkily slither into the cup. The Blackbird was smooth and solid but not 100% to my taste. The Los Potrerillos was far more suited to my delicate pallet. Little spicy fruit wonderland to feast on. Very enjoyable by the Zest legends. 7.9/10


Love the guys at Zest. Always supplying us with the goods! Two different beans to try today. Found them both worthy and enjoyed drinking multiple espressos from each. The stand out though, would have to be 'Blackbird'. My type of flavours! Fruity toffee, ending in a big caramel hit. I may have left out a few beans when dealing Jason's portion of these. 7.8/10


I still go to bed dreaming about their Composition VII, so these beans had the pressure put on them from the start. I tried them both as an Espresso, a Pour Over and with milk and on all three occasions the Los Potrerillos was more to my taste. A thick, dark, fruity flavour dominated the bean for me and was very enjoyable, these guys definitely know the game! 7/10

Yan, Gateway Lobby Lounge

Just want to let you know that I am so happy with the service from the Zest team. Well done and thanks for your support as always...

@mrsabigrace, No-BS Subscription

Absolutely loving this Hunkute from Zest Coffee. My small bag from my No-BS subscription is almost gone. Perfect reading list planning brew! This coffee so good it's got me forgetting my weekend aftermath clean up.

Suzanne, Website Orderer

I ordered my English Breakfast Tea yesterday at 9.40am, and received them this morning in time for my morning tea. Amazing service. I will be ordering more. It is the nicest tea I have tasted.

@23degreescoffeeroasters, MICE coffee lover

Our vote for the best exhibitors goes to Zest!!! Absolutely LOVED your dessert and coffee matching experience.

Bianka, MICE coffee lover

So much fun hanging out with Zest Coffee today - if you're heading down to the Melbourne Coffee Expo, be sure to check out their gorgeous stand and ridiculously good coffee and dessert pairings.

@georinamary03, MICE coffee lover

Lovely dessert pairing from Zest Coffee. I love coming to things like MICE and seeing all the creative things people do while still maintaining a quality flavour.

No BS Coffee Subscription

@ml_sls , MICE coffee lover

Beautiful coffee - your Composition VII long black was to die for and perfectly paired with this dessert.

@coffeebeansdelivered, MICE coffee lover

Hands down best display and ingenious coffee presentation by Zest Coffee (at MICE 2017). Each espresso flavour profile is accompanied by an actual edible dessert reflecting the flavours. Had a Composition VII as a long black and it was spot on!

Jessica, MICE coffee lover

Thank you so much for the coffee and dessert. What an awesome idea! Your staff were friendly and polite. Very impressed!

@clarity917, MICE coffee lover

Amazingly good! It's awesome how one can identify the tasting notes listed in Blackbird. Will definitely recommend!

@little_miss_adventure, MICE coffee lover

Amazing idea of coffee and dessert pairing from Zest Coffee.

Cathryn, Medita Chocolates

Had the pleasure of visiting our coffee supplier Zest Coffee at MICE 2017. All I can say is WOW! Incredible setup including a dessert bar with dessert/espresso pairings!

No -BS Coffee

Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters not only want to share the experience of tasting amazing coffee, but for the public to experience the passion of tasting it too. This delivers on their quest to design exceptional coffee experiences. They recognise the benefits of constantly evolving, to design coffees that brew flavour beyond expectation. They're guided by their goal to make 'raving fans' from every cup of Zest consumed, for want of making what can be a complex coffee experience approachable for all.

Steve and Jess, MICE ticket winner

Hey Zest guys, thank you so much for the opportunity to come to MICE and, even more than that, thank you for the hospitality and the chance to meet so many of your awesome team. I think we both wish we worked for Zest now! You've certainly consolidated us as lifelong customers!

Damian, Wilbur's Cafe Owner

Dear Team Zest,

I noticed yesterday that my machine began pouring uneven shots and behaving erratically. I called and spoke with Myles who attended ASAP, diagnosed the problem immediately and fixed it. The machine had completely gone out of service by 8:30am and Myles had us up and running by 9:30am.

It was another great example of why I partner with Zest!! Thanks Myles, you are the best!

Stefan, Coffee Fanatic

I started the day with the Bahia and it was amazing! Can't wait to try them all (Zest Espressist Variety Pack). I'm sharing amongst our "Coffee Syndicate" as my wife likeS to call myself and my 5 coffee fanatic friends to see what the favourite is.

Andy, Harvest Blend Barista

We have lost this (small screw for group handle) by accident but our roasters sent it to us straight away in the next morning by their technician Myles! Thanks Zest Coffee for such a efficient service! You guys treat us with love. You deserve to be known by more people for providing such a good service! 

Nathan, Cafe Owner

Team trip to the roastery was super fun. James and Jez at Zest are such champions and so good at what they do.

Jack, Cafe Owner

It's been going so well! Lots of customers saying we have the "best coffee in town" and "most consistent". It has been amazing, we've been increasing in kilos most weeks, even though it is a weird time of year. 

@danieldmonlewis, Coffee Aficionade

The Suke Quto makes a phenomenal brew. My wife and I rate each bean that we get from our fortnightly beanhunter delivery. These beans rated the highest since we started on 24th January.

Kevin, Coffee Aficionado

This is my first time having the Kenyan Kiamutira, waiting for it to cool a little, but so far so good! Massive, massive fan of the Suke Quto, so hence why I placed my order :)

James, Espresso Broz

What a treat. 4 beans sent out to try. All of them produced the goods. For me the top of the top was Composition VII. This bean was smooth, fruity and left a great after taste. I'm not so into fruity coffee, but after this I'm seriously coming around. It's pretty clear that these roasters know what they are doing. A stand out also was the Corcavado. The flavour was sensational, I could taste the butterscotch clearly which finished with a smooth chocolate. I will be purchasing no doubt.

Jase, Espresso Broz

The team at Zest almost blew my pants clean off with some of the beans they sent us. The Corcavado was by far my least favourite and still, pretty damn good. It was chocolatey and smooth but just not me kind of flavour. The Kiamutira was sugary and had a little citris zing, very nice. The flavour ramped up again as I took down the San Marcos. It was an orange Just Juice, mixed with honey, gorgeous. Then came the Composition VII. The first sip transported me directly to heaven. To keep it short. Best bean I've ever used at home. Absolutely phenomenal ethiopian fruitness. 

Jules, Espresso Broz

It's always a good day when you get to try a new bean, let alone 4 in one sitting!! Where do I start? All 4 beans were delicious but there was 1 that stood above the rest for me. The Composition VII, even thought this blend was the AICA Silver Medal Winner 2016 (Milk Based Category) I feel it works very well as an espresso, a clean fruity taste, great mouthfeel and with no tasting notes it really does allow the mind to roam free. Will 100% be on my next purchase list, one of the better coffees I have had at home. 

Jacqui Coleman, Passionate Home Barista

The customer service and the beans are both amazing. Thank you so much for showing us how to make the perfect coffee.

Coreena, Victoria

First had Zest Coffee at Cafe 3847 + Co in Rosedale Vic. So good I bought it for home. keep up the great work.

Steveo Williams, Victoria

Great customer service! Feel part of the family once you step foot inside the door!

Jack Hockings, Gunthers Lane

I use Zest in my cafe at Bathurst, and the service I received from the very start has been exceptional especially by Roy. We had issues starting up but Roy was extremely helpful and proactive with fixing the problem as best he could and got us up and running. I expressed my gratitude and happiness with Zest and Roy's personal customer service to him, but I also want the rest of the team and also the public to know how easy, simple and helpful these guys are.

Few weeks on...It's going amazingly, at the moment we are smashing the expectations I had originally, and everyone loves the coffee, reckons it's the best in town by a fair few!

Alex Wong, Cafe Consultant

Once again, much appreciate the great support provided by Zest. In particular, a big hug for Jez's contribution and his professionalism on our initial setup and ongoing support (as always). Not to mention, Zest is always my first preference for coffee supplies for all projects.

Brad, Burn Toast Cafe

Best customer service. Nothing is ever too hard. Thanks for looking after us.

Jordan Edwards, Seahorse Boutique

Great bunch of men whos passion for coffee and customer service can't be questioned. Coffee is amazing, highly recommend.

Dean Georgio, Gold Leaf Creative

Zest is like a flawless movie that makes the criterion collection of timeless classics! These guys are always creating artistically groundbreaking roasts that set the standard every time.

Caton Hicks, Dish + The Spoon Cafe

The choice of micro-lots that were used in the V60 were great to taste. The coffee was beautiful + the best on display at The Sydney Coffee Experience 2015!

Joseph Krosch, Coffee on Cue

What I liked best about Zest was the range of both filter + espresso brews available to taste.

Matthew Kasjan, Winner of the Z v60 Prize + UNSW Coffee Society

When I went to the Zest stall they were doing a V60 tasting. That was pretty awesome in itself, but, when one of the public enquired about the method Zest uses for their pourovers, the barista + the member from the public decided to have a taste comparison. Another member from the public blind tasted the two pourovers - Zest WON! What I loved was the scientific approach to making coffee that Zest has, + the willingness to improve their methods...even if advice comes just as a stranger at a coffee expo!

Jenny Chu, Winner of the z v60 prize

All of the products at Zest Coffee are really unique + distinct from each other. And the people are awesome too!!

Damian, Wilbur's Cafe

I am so happy to be in partnership with Zest. I'm of course not in partnership but that's the way I feel. Roy has specially roasted exactly what I asked for and the results are speaking for themselves. Special thanks to Roy, Anton, Rod and Brenden.

Lazlo Toth, Moochii Cafe

Zest coffee is the best coffee around. I have owned cafes for many years in Melbourne and this coffee is what is making my current cafe so successful. I see new people coming every day. They tell me they heard about my great coffee. They have one cup and then a second. The next day I see them back again but this time they have brought their friends!


Bright and delicate. It pulls very well as espresso with a brilliant fruit body. Need more. - PNG Kenta

Stephanie, Cafe Se la Vie

I don’t know what the secret ingredient is, but it is amazing the number of second and third coffees we sell.

Anna, Via Boffe

‘My café is very small and very busy...I needed a 3 group machine in the size of a 2 group. I really wanted that in a deep, dark chocolate brown in a Matt finish, with Via Boffe in the light box. Basically a totally custom built, personalised machine. I got it all from Zest’. 

Norman on Beanhunter

Wow!! Roaster in S.E Suburbs! The team at Zest are doing a fantastic job. Awesome coffee ( thanx Roy), you can watch them roast, while you enjoy a cuppa. They have wide range of blends/ single origins. Always happy to help and share their knowledge. Now their awesome coffee will compliment well with my brand new Rocket Giotto!!! A must place to visit if you are in the area and love your coffee.

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