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  • Thanks guys for the coffee today. It was as delicious as I expected. Exactly what I was looking for in a bean :) I definately will be back!
    — Mallory Stafford - Passionate Home Barista
  • This is a brew story. The brew depicted in this photo took place in Sydney in 2017. Like most manchildren I was thrilled to receive what I thought to be a treasure map from our friends at Zest Coffee. Naturally I studied the map carefully and set off. I trekked for days past ancient temples and roaring waterfalls with no luck. It was only on my return home that I realised someone had already done all the hard work and the bag was brimming with perfectly roasted Colombian Castillo. Truly.
    — @Brew_stories - Instagram account
  • Hi Dannielle, just wanted to let you know the coffee arrived a few days ago. Needless to say I was pleasantly shocked to discover the extra Hunkute included. What a treat! Especially since it was my birthday on the day I got the beans. The handwritten card (so rare these days) was beyond awesome. Since then, me and the Zest beans have been making rounds to a few coffee shops with very positive feedback. We especially loved the Hunkute and also the Composition VII in espresso and milk. I have tried Hunkute from multiple roasters so it's always nice to be able to compare. The Suke Quto we are still working on to get the best extraction. I am very happy to able to introduce Zest to many coffee enthusiasts here who are more familiar with Aussie roasters such as Market Lane, Five Senses, Proud Mary etc. So far everyone has been impressed. Many thanks again to you and the rest of the Zest team.
    — Mike - Coffee Enthusiast
  • It's been going so well! Lots of customers saying we have the "best coffee in town" and "most consistent". It has been amazing, we've been increasing in kilos most weeks, even though it is a weird time of year.
    — Jack, Cafe Owner