Wholesale Coffee Equipment

Get access to the tools and cafe equipment you need to make delicious coffee all day, everyday. 

Whether you’re just getting started or have become an expert in the coffee game, our wholesale coffee partnerships are designed to provide business owners with everything they need to run a successful cafe. 

The standard for coffee has changed drastically over the last few years — simply having a machine and grinder doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Consumers are busier and have come to expect a standard that can be difficult to achieve without the right cafe equipment and barista training

We’ll provide our recommendations of the equipment needed for a cafe, and work with you to find cafe equipment that suits your budget and circumstances, ensuring your cafe runs efficiently and has what it needs to meet the high standards of modern coffee culture.

Flexible, easy and safe. All the benefits of owning your own equipment, less the risk.

Get instant access to the highest quality cafe equipment without the risk. The best part: we cover all the servicing! Partner with us and get quality coffee shop equipment wholesale, on your terms and when you need it.

What wholesale coffee equipment do we offer?

We’re only one phone call away. Equipment and tech support when you need it.

Our goal is to help cafe owners avoid the horror of equipment failing and having nothing to do about it.


We offer standard servicing as part of all our commercial cafe equipment agreements. This means that we will be responsible for rolling out routine maintenance on equipment you hire through us.

What are the benefits of partnering with us?

What coffee equipment is right for me?

There are plenty of wholesale coffee equipment suppliers. We want the best for our wholesale coffee partners, and recognise that not all cafe owners need the same thing. We’ve developed flexible and affordable options to cater to the unique needs of each cafe owner. Whether you’re after a basic setup to get started or you need all the bells and whistles, we’ll get you the right wholesale coffee equipment to service your customers. 

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