ETHIOPIA URAGE 300 x 300-01.png
250gm, Uraga (Ethiopian, Fully Washed) - tastes like lemonade icy-pole, white peach, jasmine blossoms and star anise.
Colombia Lot A Illustration-01.png
250gm, Los Naranjos (Colombian, Honey Process) - tastes like peach, strawberry, cherry and florals.
Los Luchadroes Microlot Illustration-01.png
250gm, Los Luchadores (El Salvador, Fully Washed) - tastes like red plum, apricot jam, kiwi fruit and cherry caramel.
Costa Rica Volcan Azul Microlot Coffee Beans
250gm, Volcan Azul (Costa Rica, West Valley) - tastes like peach jam, pineapple candy, passion fruit and blueberry.
Brazil Fazenda Cold Soul Microlot Coffee Beans
250gm, Cold Soul (Brazil Fazenda, Natural) - exceptional Cup of Excellence coffee - tastes like nectarine, raisin, apricot, jam and baklava.
El Salvador Los Nogales Mircolot Coffee Beans
250gm, Los Nogales (El Salvador, Honey Process) - tastes like black currant, plum, honeydew melon and creamed honey.
Ethiopia Suke Quto Microlot Illustration-01.png
250gm, Suke Quto (Ethiopian Guji, Natural) - tastes like raspberry, peach, citrus, floral and white chocolate.
Kenya Githongo Microlot Coffee Beans
250gm, Githongo (Kenyan Kiambu) - tastes like floral notes, marmalade and red currant.
Colombia Casa Vieja Microlot Coffee Beans
250gm, Casa Vieja (Colombia) - tastes like peach, blackberries, vanilla, plum and red apple.
Composition VII Espressist Coffee Beans
250gm, Espressist Composition VII - AICA 2017 Silver Medal
Blackbird Espressist Coffee Beans
Espressist Blackbird - AICA 2017 Silver Medal
from 15.00
Corcavado Espressist Coffee Beans
Espressist Corcavado - AICA 2017 Silver Medal
from 15.00
African Mailman Espressist Coffee Beans
250gm, Espressist African Mailman - AICA 2017 Bronze Medal
Bahia Espressist Coffee Beans
Espressist Bahia - AICA Medal Winner 2017
from 15.00
Libertango Espressist Coffee Beans
Espressist Libertango - Golden Bean 2016 Espresso Bronze Medal
from 15.00
Aroma Smooth Coffee Beans
Aroma Smooth
from 14.00
Crema Supreme Coffee Beans
Crema Supreme
from 12.50
Forte Dark Coffee Beans
Forte Dark
from 14.00
Rich Italian Coffee Beans
Rich Italian
from 11.00
250 variety1.jpg
Zest Variety Packs
from 37.00